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vickeyAt the time this text appears before you, I am a 72 year old retired nurse, writer and crafter.  This day will mark the beginning of a story, a story of dolls…..a story of love.

ONCE UPON A …Once upon

An eight year old holds a red-headed doll.  Part of the dolls hair has fallen out and been collected in a sandwich bag.  Today in the land of imagination, the doll is sick.  She has a child to love her, a child with cancer that has lost her own hair.  With the doll has come a letter, asking her new doll-mama to please give her a home.  It explains that she has been very ill and needs someone to love.  She is told that because of the sickness, she has lost some of her hair.  Perhaps one day when she is well, the hair can be put back in place.  The child is happy because she knows the doll is just like her.  The new doll-mama reaches up and runs a head across her head, bald as can be from the treatments for her sickness.  The doctors have promised to do everything that can be done, to make her well.  She must be strong and do her best every day.  One day she will be well.  The cancer will leave.  Her hair will grow back.  It is a good thing to think about.  The doll has asked her doll –mama to love her. 

The paraphrased story above is a true but old story now, and the child has recovered.  I know only that she loved her doll.  Today she would be a grown woman.  Perhaps the doll sits yet on a pillow upon a bed, resting its head and smiling for all that look upon it.  Perhaps the doll-mama, now a woman remembers a stranger that sent her hope and comfort and love in the form of a doll.


Retirement and older age has sat upon the doll-maker of long ago.  Her changed life is not all that was imagined, but it is good.  Health has left her with a good portion of her lungs of little value anymore.  She lives in a house full of love with a partner that loves and cherishes her.  She knows despite her poor health, that she must do something to pass on that love she has been blessed with.  What to do?   What to do?   She remembers the doll of long ago. 


Taking up a sheet of newspaper and getting down onto the floor, upon her older legs, she draws out her own pattern for a doll.  It will have a head on each end and turn upside down to be two dolls in one.  One will smile and the other sleeps.  Now a dress and nightgown will become designed. It will wear a Mop Cap to cover its head, for some of the doll mamas, as the first one, will lose their hair.  She wants to be like them.   Down the road, a boy will be designed.  She says a prayer that she will be able to help a child in need….perhaps one with cancer or something else very serious.  She will stuff it with love and in her heart smother it with kisses, and send it on its way.  It will be hoped to bring comfort to a child in need.   “Now you know the beginning of the story of the DOLLS FOR VERY SICK KIDS.


There is a little guy  more like an 18 month old then just over 2.  He is the victim of an infantile seizure condition, which is not all that common.  He’s spent lots of time being tested and hope is there, for better answers and a better life.  His doll is almost as big as he is.  He seems to like it.
Another doll went to a extremely young one, in fact  she is thought to be the first infant to receive a triple transplant.  She did well and will need to take a pill to prevent rejection for all of her life.  She is now school age.
A local child was in need of a liver transplant.  Her color was off the normal scale, and she was frail.  Her energy was not what it should be for a 3 year old.  She finally got a donor after long trips and hospital stays.  She is doing well to the best of my knowledge.n
A child in Oregon was born with his heart upside down and backward.  He sees cardiologists regularly, and seems to be doing well with it all.  I got to speak briefly with him on the telephone and he tells me he named his ‘buddy’ (boy  doll 28 inches high) after himself, so the doll is a Jr.  It is hoped he will survive to be twenty and receive a heart transplant.
An exception to the rule was made and a doll given to a 6 month old, so she can ‘grow up’ with it.  she is a local child with her heart on the wrong side.  She has had several surgeries already and it is hoped a correctional one can be done when she becomes five.  For now she and her mom play together with the doll.  I am told she loves her doll.
A local young boy now has his own doll.  He sleeps with it.  He is waiting for a kidney transplant.
A little girl now has a doll.  She is a happy child and loves to sing.  She has brain cancer and is 2 and 1/2 years old.
Another little girl was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered through a coma and seizures for 3 weeks.  She woke up and loves her doll in its red dress with lace decorations on its bodice and hem.  The lace was donated from a lady in the Netherland Islands.  She is in a rehabilitation place being tested for potential brain damage from the accident and coma.   As with all the children hugs and prayers go out for her.
A little girl now seven, hugs her doll.  I have been sent a picture with a paper held up that says “I LOVE MY DOLL”   and “THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS”.  She has been ‘fighting the good fight for a very long time, and stays a sweet happy child despite the trials.  Her name is Aubrey.
A child in Switzerland just received her doll and named her Belle, after her young sister who will be her bone marrow transplant donor in March of 2013.    Hours after getting the doll she developed  a sudden onset of high fever and low blood count and was admitted to the hospital.  She is in our hearts and prayers as we wait to know more.  This was our first overseas doll.
An 8 year old received a doll as she is the child  of a mother with a genetic heart problem, who had 3 open heart surgeries already.  The child is now 9 and has an enlarged Aorta heart valve.  She is a very talented  young lady and is learned to crochet and knit.  She named her doll Annaliese.
The list goes on and I will add more from time to time.
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